GRAVELROAD News GravelRoad fall 2015 European Tour Dates

GravelRoad fall 2015 European Tour Dates

GravelRoad is about to embark on their fall 2015 European tour.  Here are the dates and links to the show event pages:

October 8 GravelRoad at OT301, Amsterdam Netherlands

October 9 GravelRoad at Rock and Roll Warehouse, Hamburg Germany

October 10 GravelRoad at Gutshof-Festival (Refugee Benefit show), Ahrensburg Germany

October 11 GravelRoad at Cafe het Spektakel, Asten Netherlands

October 14 GravelRoad at Loods café of Knoet, Aarschot Belgium

October 15 GravelRoad at El Diablo, Lille France (with Teleferik)

October 16 GravelRoad at L Alimentation Generale, Paris France (with Teleferik)

October 17 GravelRoad at Weegbrug, Roermond Netherlands

October 18 GravelRoad at Tam Tam, Deurne Netherlands

October 21 GravelRoad at Gaukurinn, Reykjavík, Iceland

October 22 GravelRoad at Dillon Whiskey Bar, Reykjavík, Iceland

Eu_tour poster_09-29-15

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