GravelRoad Bio

GravelRoad has been pushing the musical boundaries for over a decade and a half, forging a distinct sound that brings together Hill County Blues and Heavy Rock n Roll into new territories. GravelRoad is the sound of new and old – heavy fuzz and more introspective moods – combining to ask the larger questions of existence along with a rallying cry for a good time. GravelRoad is poised to release their eighth studio album prior to their European tour this fall, recorded, mixed and mastered by Seattle’s own Jack Endino.

CROOKED NATION continues where the band’s most recent releases – including MISSISSIPPI TIME (2017) and CAPITOL HILL COUNTRY BLUES (2016) – left off. The new album, the band’s third endeavor with Endino goes further with an array of tracks that magically weave multiple open-tuned guitars with a rhythm section that swings and sways with undeniable grooves.

Easier than walking and chewing gum, these 10 songs will have the listener shaking their asses, banging their heads and pumping their fists in the air, begging to be cranked for the world to hear. GravelRoad doesn’t play for any other reason than pure love for the music and a joy that is evident in every show. Look for CROOKED NATION on Knick Knack Records and all the usual interwebs places.

“It’s a little like what John Lee Hooker may have sounded like in Black Sabbath.  And who wouldn’t want to hear that?”

Patrick Wells, Classic Rock Magazine

2019 – Crooked Nation (Knick Knack Records)

2018 – Mississippi Time (Knick Knack Records)
2016 – Capitol Hill Country Blues (Knick Knack Records)
2015 – Weavin’ b/w Flesh and Bone 7 inch vinyl single (Knick Knack Records)
2014 – El Scuerpo (Knick Knack Records)
2013 – The Bloody Scalp of Burt Merlin (Knick Knack Records)
2012 – Pedernales 7 inch vinyl single (Knick Knack Records)
2012 – Psychedelta (Knick Knack Records)
2011 – Taledragger, T-Model Ford with GravelRoad (Alive Records)
2009 – Ladies Man, T-Model Ford with GravelRoad (Alive Records)
2008 – Shot The Devil (Uncle Larry’s Records)
2004 – GravelRoad (self-released)

GravelRoad has also proven itself worthy of attention when they were hand-picked by T-Model Ford to be his backing band. They began to work with the self-proclaimed “Bad Man” in 2008 until his death at the age of 92 in 2013. This partnership thrived through 9 U.S. & international tours and 2 critically acclaimed albums released on Alive NaturalSound Records. 2010 saw the release of the all-acoustic The Ladies Man and in 2011 Taledragger, a mind-bending trip through electrified and psychedelic blues.  T-Model Ford & GravelRoad were honored to play the All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in 2010 in New York as a choice of the always amazing American Independent filmmaker Jim Jarmusch.

Music has given to GravelRoad. We wish to give back, over and over.