GRAVELROAD News Fire the Booking Agent! (That’s me) … and here’s why

Fire the Booking Agent! (That’s me) … and here’s why

I was just organizing some stuff and came across this bit of info:

We are in the middle of a two month period where we have 10 shows. Only 4 of those shows are in the state of Washington (2 in Seattle), with the others being in Minnesota, Indiana, Tennessee, and Mississippi.  How did this happen? What the hell are we doing?

It’s some very weird routing and for those new to us, you may not know our story as to why this is the norm and how we can pull this off with out us going heavily into debt. I’ll save the  details of that for the another posting.

In the meantime, consistent with the theme of “fire the booking agent (me, for the most part),” here’s our 10 show list:

1) Sat Aug 9 – Deep Blues Festival Northwest, ORTING, WA

2) Sat Aug 16 – 2nd Annual Columbia City Blues Festival, SEATTLE, WA

3) Tues Aug 26 – Bayport BBQ, BAYPORT, MN

4) Thur Aug 28 – Brass Rail, FORT WAYNE, IN

5) Sat Aug 30 – Muddy Roots Festival, COOKEVILLE, TN

6) Fri Sept 26 – The Triple Door Musicquarium, SEATTLE, WA

7) Sat Oct 11 – Music On The Mounds, LITTLEROCK, WA

8) Thur Oct 16 – Logue’s Black Raven Emporium, NASHVILLE, TN

9) Fri Oct 17 – The Deep Blues Festival at The New Roxy Theater, CLARKSDALE, MS

10) Sat Oct 18 – TBA, CLARKSDALE, MS

Then back to Seattle to prep for November shows in Oregon and WA, including the Album Release show in SEATTLE, WA at Conor Byrne November 15.

I haven’t even included some of the other weird routes we’ve done this year – – and feel free to look at our history of shows on our Shows page.

If you’d have asked me 10 years ago if we could make this work with this sort of routing and show scheduling, I’d have laughed at you.  Nowadays, with the band playing usually about 35-50 shows a year depnding on the year, we have to get creative with how we roll around this big ol’ country of ours.

Again, I’ll do a post on cross-country travel and making it work later.  In the meantime, I’ll simply thank our friends across this country for their continued support and thank the band for agreeing to be able to make this work.  Thank you all!


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